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The Ad Astra Foundation – Who we are


The Ad Astra Foundation is a youth-led non-profit organization that aims to bring greater educational equity to children and youth in rural communities in the Northern Region of Ghana. Inspired by its founders’ (and other members’) lived experiences with insufficient access to education opportunities, the Ad Astra Foundation responds to the needs of  local communities and centers community collaboration. We use a social justice perspective that centers decolonization to raise funds and create learning opportunities in rural communities in Ghana.


The Ad Astra Foundation responds to social inequalities in rural Ghanaian communities through scholarships, mentorship, book donations, and the creation of libraries and community learning centers. Through educational opportunities, we aim to empower young students to understand and navigate the systems they are embedded in on their own terms.  .


Our vision is to help create a society where all children have fair and equal access to educational opportunities and outcomes. 

Core Values

We believe that education is a fundamental human right. Parallel histories of colonialism and poor governance have created educational disadvantages for children in rural communities in Ghana. We work to respond to these inequalities through social justice informed interventions aimed towards decolonizing education.

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